Pilot uses a number of factors to match developers and QAs to potential projects:

  • Your declared top skills
  • Your current availability
  • Your minimum rate preferences
  • Your location (occasionally)

We’re always looking to match partners in a way which maximises long-term success of a partner and a client. For this reason, we ask all of our clients to expressly state what their objectives are, what skills they require and what budget do they allocate for their Pilot team. Similarly, we ask partners to declare their top skills and minimum rate preferences to match them only with projects they should be interested in.

We charge a percentage commission on each booking made through Pilot. This means that unlike other platforms, we’re not in the business of rate arbitrage. It’s in our best interest to negotiate the highest possible rate for you that is within the client’s budget.

You will receive an email for each job opportunity that you are matched with based on the above criteria. You can choose to accept or reject each job opportunity without any consequences.

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