You can use two different tools to log hours – Toggl and Harvest. Create an account in one of them and integrate it with our app from your profile on To do that, go to Settings → Integrations.

Start logging hours when you start work, stop when you take a break that is longer than 15 minutes. Stop the timer when you finish your work. Track the time honestly and accurately. 

Your time tracker is integrated with our app so we will see all the changes you've made in your timesheet within a couple of hours. Don't worry if you forgot to put the timer on one day. If a certain week hasn't ended yet, you can easily correct your timesheet, no need to notify us about it. After few days timesheets get automatically confirmed, so you need to contact us on in order to make any corrections. 

We issue invoices and charge clients based on your timesheet. Make sure it is up to date at the end of each month to avoid payment delays.

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