Ethical dilemmas are situations in which you have to make a choice between two options, neither of which is clearly more right, easier or better for you. At work, you encounter ethical dilemmas all the time and it's not always clear how to handle the situation. Here you can find our ethical guidelines when working remotely for a client.

I noticed that my colleague doesn’t write his code very well. I can see it influences our teamwork. What should I do?

We all have ups and downs in our life and if your colleague has recently lowered his performance it can mean many things. Don’t judge it too quickly. You can try to talk to your colleague and in a very sensitive way say that you noticed a difference in his performance and ask if there is any way you can help them. It seems like not an easy conversation but put yourself in that position. When you go through some rough times you would not like to be judged as lazy, bad developer or reported to manager straight away.

If nothing is going on in your colleague's life you can be sure that such a conversation would be a wake-up call for him which can help to get back on a good performance.

When after a while nothing has changed you can talk with us or your manager.

Should I log time when I go for a lunch, have a coffee, go to the toilet or for a smoke or etc?

We always recommend stopping the timer when you plan to be away from the computer for more than 15 minutes.

If I do something for Pilot should I log this time for a client?

Whether it is updating your profile, going through the HIPPA training or having a call with someone form our Talent team you can’t log it and bill the client. We know it’s your personal time but we believe it’s an investment in your career development which increases your chances of getting a project.

I have some problems with my code and would like to share it on StackOverflow, forum or my friend to get some tips. Can I do it?

No, you can’t share your code anywhere according to the NDA and terms and condition you have signed up.

A client asks me to do some task and I have done it before for another client. Can I just copy it?

No. Your code, design and any other work you produced for another client is the intellectual property of this client so you can’t use it without his permission.

A client asked me to work for them directly. What should I do?

Please give us a head up about this situation. Together we will think about the possibilities and next steps.

I got stuck in traffic jam and I will be late for standup call. What should I do?

Standups are always at a usual hour so remember to plan your day and arrangements in such way that you won’t let this situation happen. Unless you have some emergency situation there is no excuse for being late. Set a reminder in your calendar, phone, etc. Don’t let this happen.

But if it does happen, inform your manager or a person who runs the standup as soon as possible. It’s always better to let the team know that you are running late then make people wonder where are you. It’s very important for your team that everyone is punctual. It’s a matter of respect to everyone's time and it also builds your reliability, so don’t let this situation be consistent.

I have an emergency situation during the day and I can’t continue to work. What should I do?

In any emergency situation immediately let the manager know about it. You can write an email or a message on Slack that due to some emergency situation you can’t continue to work on that day.

I feel really bad and I think I’m getting sick but there is a lot of work to be done. What should I do?

Your health is the most important and can’t be put in any danger. When you feel ill your performance also goes down. You are a better developer when you are healthy. So don’t get the sickness get you completely. Let the manager know that you are being sick and go to the doctor. After consultation let your manager know how many days you need to recover. 

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