Our rates are generally independent of partner’s current or home location. That means partners with equal experience will be offered the same rate whether they’re based in London or Bangkok.

There are however few ways in which your location may affect your average rate.

Minimum Rates

Partners in locations with a lower cost of living might set their minimum rates at a level below yours, meaning they might get opportunities that you won’t, and therefore have a different average rate.

However, since our fee is a percentage of the total fees paid by the client, we don’t practice rate arbitrage. When offering opportunities to partners we only take your minimum rate into account to the extent of eliminating opportunities you don’t want, not to profit from the difference between your minimum rate and what we can charge to the client.

Location Preference

Occasionally, clients will prefer (and be willing to pay a premium) for developers located in the same city they’re based in. This means that on average a developer based in London may earn more than a developer located in Bangkok if they work for London-based clients.

When working for a client based in a different city altogether, both partners would be offered the same rate.

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