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👏 Achievements and contributions

Start with mentioning your top achievements for your team since the last time. List down such things to give the high-level overview of what has changed. Then you want to expand every such achievement/contribution and show how exactly you helped and what was the benefit.

📈 Focus on the outcome

Try to always look at the effects of your work.  How that helped the company and your team? Speak more about benefits and the output, not necessarily how you did the work or what steps you followed. 

Have you learnt to use a new debugging tool?
Don’t write how hard it was to learn it or what things you can do with it. Write that you now solve complex issues way faster than a year before. You are more effective because you can investigate the cause of the bug in a shorter time. How? Because you know how to use this new tool.

💵 Tie the benefit with cost or time savings whenever possible

That’s a simple and effective argument to support the rate increase if you save the company’s money or make things work more efficiently. 

Do you write code in a readable way? Great, you’re saving time on future maintenance, other people can work faster, and we can deliver changes in a shorter time.

Can you make small design changes and implement them? Excellent, we don’t have to hire an additional contract designer to make small fixes.

🎖Provide examples

Whenever you make any claim always have a concrete example to support it. The more general it is, the harder it is for other people to relate to it. They don’t have the whole context, and they haven't worked with yo,u so they don’t have a possibility to check if it’s true. 

Anyone can write that they are hard-working. Not everyone can share a story when they worked over the weekend to fix the production bug that affected thousands of users. 

💯 Provide numbers

Share any numbers or metrics whenever possible. People can’t argue with data. They can do it with opinions or stories.

Have you solved 80 support tickets within the first two hours in the last quarter? Let them know. Have you kept an average of 10 velocity points above the other developers in every sprint for the last year? Great, share it.

💪 Leaving a comfort zone

What was the challenge you faced recently? People can relate to the hard task of leaving a comfort zone and trying new things. If you had such experience, you could gain extra points by sharing it. That also nicely shows how you made progress.

Did you always have trouble to talk with users directly? Let others know how you forced yourself to work on support tickets and help people solve their issues.

📒 Prepare the documentation

Once you have the assessment, copy it into the document with the rest of the feedback. If you have not set it up before, you can copy this template and fill it in.

➡️️️️️ What’s next?

Great! The hardest and the most time consuming part is done.  Now, let’s check what other people think about your value for the team.

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