📊 More data points

Feedback from peers is useful for both a decision maker and your manager. It makes it easier for your manager to write their opinion when they have more input from other people.

Whenever possible, try to get the feedback from your peers who work on the client side. Aim for opinions from two to three people. 

📖 Be transparent

Be open why you ask them for it. Let peers know what you’ll do with the feedback after they give it to you.

😊 Keep it convenient

Most people don’t like to write feedback like this. You want to make it as convenient and as simple as possible for the other person. Ask them for three to six sentences. That’s enough for the assessment and shouldn’t take too much time of your peers. 

📝 Template

It’s up to you to decide what questions to ask. We’d suggest asking open-ended questions, instead of a closed one (for example YES/NO answer or 1–5 points rate). Here’s a simple message that you can use. 

Hello %NAME%

Can I ask you for a short opinion about my work? I’d like to see what the team thinks about my role.

Once I have a complete assessment, I’d like to talk with %COMPANY% about my rate and see if we can change it. I’d like to show your opinion to %YOUR MANAGER NAME% and then share it with %DECISION MAKER%.

I don’t want to waste too much of your time, so it would be great if you could shortly answer those two questions.

— What are three %YOUR NAME%'s strongest points?
— What are three things that %YOUR NAME%'s could improve?

One sentence bullet points are fine. Thanks a lot!


📒 Prepare the documentation

Once you have the feedback, copy it into the document with the rest of opinions. If you have not set it up before, you can copy this template and fill it in.

➡️️️ What’s next?

At this point, you should already have a self-assessment and the feedback from peers. The only thing to do now is to ask your manager for their opinion.

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