👍 Make it easy for them

Try to minimize the work that a manager has to do to write the opinion.

Writing a self-assessment is hard. It’s even harder to write an assessment for someone else. The more work you’ll take from your manager’s shoulders concerning the preparation of an opinion, the more likely you’ll get it fast. Make their life easier and you’ll also get their full support.

🕐 Save their time

We advise to never ask a manager for writing the opinion before you prepared the rest of the documentation. It’s normal to spend days to make a proper assessment from scratch. You don’t want your manager to spend days on this, as they likely don’t have that time. You’ll either get an assessment after weeks (in a good scenario) or get a non-supportive opinion as they’ll be too annoyed to write it.

📝 Share your self-assessment 

Share your documentation with the manager and ask for his/her opinion. It’s way more comfortable for a manager to read your self-assessment, peer opinions and then decide if they agree with it or not. That’s not an effort at all comparing to writing everything from scratches. We’ve seen some engineers in the past, who wrote assessments in their managers’ name and then asked them to copy & paste it if they agreed with the content.

📒 Prepare the documentation

Once you have the opinion, copy it into the document with the rest of the feedback. If you have not set it up before, you can copy this template and fill it in.

➡️️️ What’s next?

With all the documentation in place, you’re ready to send the formal request to a budget owner.

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