✅ Decision maker

As the last step, you want to send a request to a decision maker. You want to include all the documentation you prepared so far. Make sure you also have a specific proposition for them. Keep the message short and to the point.

In some companies, you won’t know the decision maker. You may not even have a way to write to them. Your manager and Pilot will be helpful here to find that person and to send that message in your name.

📒 Prepare the documentation

If you have not set it up before, you can copy this template and fill it in with your assessment, feedback from peers and manager’s opinion. 

📝 Template

If you do know who the decision maker is, here’s an example message that you can send  (or ask your manager to forward it to the right person). Add your manager and talent@pilot.co to CC.

Hello %NAME%

My name is %YOUR NAME%, and I’m part of the %NAME OF YOUR TEAM% team. I’m a contractor working with %COMPANY NAME% through Pilot.

I’d like to request a rate increase from $XX/h to $YY/h, effective from %START DATE%.

I attach a self-assessment along with opinions about my work from my peers and my manager %YOUR MANAGER NAME%. They all are in full support of the rate increase.

Please let me know if you approve the request,


➡️️️ What’s next?

That’s the last step. Once you send the formal request just wait for a reply. Remember to let Pilot know when they approved the increase, so that we can update your booking.

Good luck!

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