One-time payments

To schedule a one-time payment to a contractor you need to go to Pay Contractors tab, pick a contractor you want to send a payment to and click on Enter payment. If you want to send the exact same amount as the last time, you can use Last payment feature. Once you are ready click on Continue with payment button at the bottom of the page.

Learn how to invite a new contractor.

How can I add a bonus or reimbursement?

When scheduling a one-time payment in Pay Contractors tab you can click on Add other earnings button and choose reimbursement, bonus or other earning.

Can I add a note so a contractor knows what I'm paying him for?

Yes, you can add a short memo or an invoice number and it will show up on their bank statement, if possible.

Recurrent payments

If you want a payment to automatically repeat you can set up a payment schedule. To do that, go to Company tab and click on Set up a payment schedule. Choose the pay period (monthly, weekly, etc.), day of the month you want the payment to be delivered and first pay date.

Remember that no matter how many payments we process for a given contractor in a month, you always pay the same price. You can set up multiple payment schedules.

Now, you can go to the People tab and attach a contractor to the payment schedule you just created. Pick up a contractor, go to compensation section and click on Set up pay schedule. You can also create a new pay schedule from there.

How can I edit or delete a payment schedule?

Payment schedule can't be edited or delayed at the moment, but you can detach contractors from an outdated schedule and create a new one.

Can I add one-time reimbursement to a recurrent payment?

Yes, you have two options.

Option 1: You can wait for the reminder email before the recurring payment goes out. From there, you’ll be able to click into the upcoming payment and adjust the amounts.

Option 2: Since you don’t pay for each payment, you can just run a separate off-cycle payment with just the increase in pay for that month (e.g. a bonus). Just go to Pay Contractors, pick the date you want someone to get paid, and schedule a payment for the amount that you want to add to their next payment as a bonus.

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