For contractors, we charge $29 / contractor / month.

This is all it takes to completely automate payments to your entire team if they’re hired as contractors.

  • It's a better deal than what most banks charge for international wires. 

  • We offer better currency exchange and local payouts, so your contractors would be taking home more money. 

  • We don’t charge any processing fees, transaction fees, markups on FX, etc.

  • We only charge that fee if you make any payments to that contractor in a given month.

  • We charge that fee once per month so if you pay your contractors every two weeks, you'll be charged only once.

For employees, we charge $699 / employee / month*

We take on a lot more legal liability by acting as the employer of record for you, hence the higher price.

  • You don’t have to worry about setting up a subsidiary.

  • We take care of locally compliant employment contracts, payroll tax fillings, pension contributions, benefits, insurance, and more.

  • We make sure your employees get paid on time, every month.

  • We don't charge any set up fees.

  • Your total cost for an employee would be their gross salary plus local taxes and insurance, plus the Pilot fee.

Local tax burden amount depends on a country and is calculated as a percentage of the gross compensation. 

*if paid annually. $899 / employee / month if paid monthly.

Do you want to know more about our prices and all the advantages of using Pilot? Click here.

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