All US citizens performing services for US based entities as contractors are required to fill in W9 form. You just need to submit such form to your payer, and there’s no need to submit it to IRS.

If you are not a US citizen please fill in W8-BEN or W8-BEN-E form.


You can find the most recent instructions about W9 form at IRS website. We update this guide regularly, but if there are any are discrepancies between our guide and the IRS instructions, always follow IRS one.

Please note that we can’t advise you on how or when you should file your taxes. You may want to contact a tax professional.

This article was written to help US contractors performing services to US entities. It’s based on the most common case we observed within our users. Your case may be different and may require to fill in the form in different way. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have more questions.

📥 Download the form

Download the most recent version of the form from IRS website

📄 Fill the form

You can edit PDFs downloaded from IRS website. Just enter information into the right section and save the file as PDF.

Below you’ll find detail instructions how to fill in W9 form.

📄 W-9 — detailed instructions

Line 1 — Name

  • Just enter your legal name here.

  • It’s the same name you use on your individual tax return.

Line 2 — Business Name

  • Fill it in if you are using a business name that’s other than the name you provided in line 1.

Line 3 — Federal Tax Classification

  • Choose only one option.

  • If you are working as a single contractor, you most probably want to select a first checkbox (Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC).

Line 4 — Exemptions

  • Most of the people will not be exempt from backup withholding and can skip this section.

  • If you are a corporation, you may be exempt for certain payments, so we advise you to double-check with your tax advisor.

Line 5 and 6 — Residential address

  • Enter your residential address.

  • PO boxes are not allowed.

Line 7 — List account numbers

  • It’s optional so that you can skip it

Part I Taxpayer Identification Number

  • If you’re an individual/sole proprietor please only enter your SSN.

  • If you’re the only owner of LLC you’ll most likely want to enter your SSN only.

  • In all other cases, EIN is the better choice.

Part II Certification

  • Sign and date the form at the Certification section.

  • Remember to use the US format (MM-DD-YYYY).

📤 Submitting the form

Please save the document as PDF and send it to [email protected]. Make sure you send it from the email address you use to log in into Pilot.

The form is valid for three years (until end of the year) since submitting it. However, we’ll be asking you to fill it once a year to make sure it has up to date information.

👋 Need help?

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

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