Pilot never charges contractors anything to receive their payments. We don't charge any conversion fees either. Contractors always get the real exchange rate with no markups or extra fees.

What if I received a smaller amount than scheduled by the customer?

If you received a smaller amount than scheduled by the customer this must be a fee charged by one of the intermediary banks involved in processing the payment between our bank and your bank.

International payments may be routed through multiple banks and all of them can deduct a small fee from your payment. It’s sadly not under our control to know how your payment will be routed and which bank will decide to deduct the fee. Quite often the fees are not consistent, so next time the fee may be smaller.

We’re always working on improving our payment routing and figuring out ways to deliver funds to you without any additional fees.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or use the live chat option at work.pilot.co.

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