Log into your account and go to Request payment. Set the amount, select the currency and send the request. You can add a description or upload an invoice optionally.

As soon as your client approves your request you'll be able to see it on the Payments tab. Until then, it’s best to follow up with the client directly to get updates. We need their approval to move forward with processing the request.

How can I edit my payment request?

If you made a mistake in the amount, forgot to upload an invoice or uploaded a wrong document you can create and submit another request and it will override the previous one.

Where can I track my pending payment requests?

We are working on adding a screen where you could see all requested payments and monitor their statuses. For now, you can check the Payments tab to see if the payment request was approved by your client. If it's not visible there, follow up with your client directly.

Can I submit more than one payment request at a time?

For now, you can only submit one payment request at a time. As soon as it gets approved by your client you can go ahead and request the next one.

Learn how to check when you can expect your next payment.

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