What's the difference in privileges between owners, administrators, and managers?

Every account can only have one owner, and only the owner can invite other admins, or administrators. Owners can also transfer account ownership to another admin.

Admins have essentially the same privileges as the account owner, except for the ability to invite other admins or to transfer account ownership. For example, admins can update company details, invite new contractors, and approve and schedule payments.

Managers have limited access to your account. They can only see and approve the expenses of their direct reports. Optionally, you can give them permission to make payments to contractors, but only to the ones they manage. They won’t be able to see the payment history of anyone else.

If you invite someone as a manager but don’t assign them to any of your team members, they won’t be able to complete any actions in the Pilot platform.

To invite a new admin or manager:

  • Go to the Settings tab.

  • Click on 'Add new admin' or 'Add new manager' and enter their email address and name.

  • They'll get invited to create an account on Pilot.

  • To remove an admin or a manager or to resend an invitation, click on the three purple dots to the right of the team member.

To promote a manager to an admin or demote an admin to a manager:

  • Go to the Settings tab.

  • If you'd like to promote a manager, click on the three purple dots to the right of the manager. Click 'Promote to admin.'

  • If you'd like to demote an admin, click on the three purple dots to the right of the admin. Click 'Demote to manager.'

Note that only the account owner can promote or demote team members.

To assign managers to team members:

  • Go to the People tab and choose the contractor to whom you'd like to assign a manager.

  • Click on 'Edit' in the top right corner and select the manager in the Manager dropdown menu.

  • Click 'Update.'

  • If you wish to bulk-assign many contractors to one manager get in touch with us at support@pilot.co.

To transfer account ownership:

  • Go to the Settings tab.

  • Click on the three purple dots to the right of the admin to whom you'd like to transfer ownership.

  • A window will open letting you know that you are about to transfer ownership to the admin. Click the 'Transfer ownership to [team member]' button to confirm the transfer.

  • Both the person who initiated the transfer and the new owner will receive an email confirming that the transfer has been completed.

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