4 business days

Monday 6 pm PT is the cut-off for Friday payment. Friday is when your team members should have funds in their bank accounts already—they usually arrive on Thursday evening.

When you schedule your payment, you pick a date when you want it delivered to the contractor. We do our best to make sure payments arrive exactly on the date you schedule it for. This means that sometimes, based on past data about a certain country and currency combinations, the payments are scheduled in advance to make ensure timely delivery.

What I can do to shorten the turnaround time?

We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to keep a balance on your Pilot account. With the funds coming from your balance we'll be able to offer faster payments, delivered in 2 business days instead of 4.

What if funds take longer to deliver?

If your recipients see that funds take longer to deliver, please get in touch with our support team. We can look into that and see if there’s anything we can do to speed things up.

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