How long does it take to onboard a new employee?

It takes about a month—in some situations, it can be done faster, but the limiting factor is using government filings that need to be done prior to employment, and how long it takes to collect necessary documents from the employee.

If it’s a new country, we’ll ask for confirmation of additional terms like notice periods, probation, PTO, etc. This can add a few days to the process, depending on how quickly we get responses from you. For existing countries, it’s quicker because we typically don’t adjust policies on a per-employee basis.

In case you need to onboard an employee as soon as possible, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or use the live chat option at

What is the timeline?

When it comes to timelines, unfortunately, this process varies from country to country. For context, however, here are key milestones in the process:

  1. To add a new employee you need to log into your account and go to People → Add an employee. The whole process shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

  2. You’ll receive an email to confirm the local tax burden and compensation for the employee. This is sent out within 24 hours. We can’t onboard the employee until we receive this confirmation.

  3. Once we have the confirmation, the employee receives an onboarding email asking them to submit their personal information. This information is necessary for completing their employment contract.

  4. After the employee submits their information, our legal team gets started on their contract and confirms their start date.

  5. Once the start date has been confirmed, they will receive a second email with their employment confirmation. This acts as an offer from Pilot and lists the company they’ll be working for, their salary, start date, etc.

When can the new employee start?

We can’t always give you a definitive date when the employee will be onboarded—in many countries, there are local filings and new hire registration forms that need to be submitted before the employee starts and sometimes by a certain day of the month. If all documentation is not submitted by that day, the employee cannot start in that pay period.

You can always reach out to or or use the live chat option at when you have a new hire to confirm what start dates are possible—we’re always happy to help.

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