Is it possible to change the email on my account to my company email?

Yes! You can do that by logging in to your account, going to account settings (click on your profile icon > Account settings) and clicking on the 'Use different email' button.

Will I be able to update my payment details after signing up?

Yes! You can change your payment details after signing up. To do that, you need to click on Unlock to edit button, then click on Add another bank account, make it a default, and remove the old account.

I don't have a business registered. Will I be able to get paid through Pilot?

Yes! When setting up your account fill in the business name with your individual name.

Is there a way to split payouts between two different accounts?

We do not support that at the moment, it is on our radar. We’re working on re-designing our payments infrastructure to enable that.

Do I have to withdraw money from Pilot or will I get paid directly to my account?

The transfer will arrive directly into your bank account. We’re not holding the funds, and you don’t have to initiate any withdrawals and pay any fees associated with that.

Will I be able to choose which currency I get paid in?

Yes! You will be able to select the currency your bank account is in. If we support that currency, each payment will be automatically converted to it before we sent it to you.

If we don’t support a particular currency, you’ll still be able to receive a payment but it will be sent to you in USD.

Can I be paid in crypto currency?

We don’t currently support crypto payments, but it’s something we’re looking into.

What taxes do I need to pay?

If you work as a contractor you probably want to register as self-employed or setup a business entity. We recommend you find a local tax advisor that would have more information about your specific case. They’d be able to give you much better and more specific advise. We’re not lawyers and sadly can’t give you a tax/legal advice.

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