Contractors can submit expenses for reimbursement by creating an expense report.

To create and submit an expense report:

  1. In the Expenses tab, click ‘Add first expense’ (if this is your first time submitting an expense) or click ‘Add new expense.’

  2. Enter a description of the expense.

  3. Enter the expense amount, currency, and the date that the expense was incurred.

  4. Select a category for the expense.

  5. Click ‘Choose File’ to upload the expense receipt.

  6. Click ‘Add new expense.’

  7. Your expense will appear in the Expenses tab’s Unreported expenses section. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to add any additional expenses for this expense report.

  8. To create an expense report, in the Unreported expenses section, select the expense(s) you would like to include and click ‘Create an expense report.’

  9. Enter a description of the expense(s).

  10. Add a name for the report.

  11. Click ‘Send expense report.’ Your submitted expense report will appear in the Expense reports section of your Expenses tab, where you can see the status of your report.

After you submit your expense report, your company’s administrators and managers (if applicable) will receive an email notification about the expense report and will be able to review and approve or deny the expense reimbursement request.

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