You can add multiple bank accounts in Pilot but only one can be set as default.

In most cases, the payment will be sent to your default bank account. However, there's an exception to this.

How Pilot routes payments when you have more than one active bank account:

If you have more than one bank account set up in Pilot (e.g., a USD account, and a Local Currency account) and a customer schedules a payment in USD, Pilot will route it to the USD account, even if you marked your local currency account as the default. This is the same for other currencies, so, for example, a payment scheduled in EUR will route to a EUR account by default.

The default setting applies when the customer schedules a payment in a currency you don’t have an account in.

In a case where you have both a USD account and a local currency account, and your company schedules a payment in USD, you will need to disable the USD account in order to receive the payment in your local currency account.

Here, you can find more information on how to disable your bank account.

To understand how and when we'll use each of the bank accounts you've added, you should check the details to the right of each account in the Bank accounts tab.

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