Administrators and managers can approve, decline, and edit requests for time off. (Note: Managers can only review and take action on time-off requests from their direct reports.)

To approve, decline, or edit a request for time off:

  1. When a contractor or employee submits a request for time off, their manager and any account administrators will be notified by email. Click ‘Review request’ in the email, or click the Time off tab in your account to view the request.

  2. Locate the request in the Time off page, and click in to review it.

  3. In your team member’s Time Off Request window, review the requested dates and a note from the team member. If you would like to approve the request, click ‘Approve time off’ and add an optional note. To decline it, click ‘Decline’ and add a note to explain your decision. The team member will be notified of your decision by email.

  4. If you would like to edit the request before approving it, select ‘Edit request.’ In the calendar of the Edit time off request window, click the days that you approve of your team member taking off. The team member’s current selected dates will already be selected, and you can click on a selected date to deselect it, if needed.

    • (Note: Only select the days for time off when the team member would normally be working. Do not include public holidays or other non-working days such as weekends, if applicable.)

  5. In the Type dropdown menu, choose the type of time off, such as Vacation or Sick Time Off. The options shown may vary according to your company’s preferences.

  6. Click ‘Update request.’

  7. In the next window, click ‘Approve time off.’

  8. Add a note to explain your reason for editing the request. Then, click ‘Continue.’ The team member will be notified by email about the approved and edited request.

Please note that the Time Off feature currently is separate from Pilot’s payroll feature. The ability to manage accruals and time-off balances is not available yet.

For information on how to configure the types of time off available to your team members, see our help article on How to set up the Time Off feature.

If your team members have questions about how to submit a time-off request, you can direct them to our help articles for employees and for contractors.

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