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This article will serve as a guide for you to get started and to ensure you get the very best out of our platform.

What does Pilot do?

Pilot takes care of payroll, benefits, and compliance for US-based companies with remote international teams. Our secure, cloud-based platform makes it easy to hire and pay international team members. We automate payments to international contractors and make it possible to hire people abroad as full-time employees without having to set up local legal entities.

Pay contractors worldwide
Send payments to contractors in 240+ countries at optimal exchange rates, with no markup fees.

Hire employees where you want
With Pilot, you can easily employ people in 160+ countries. All without the expense of setting up a local entity.

We look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you and appreciate the opportunity to offer you the best payroll, benefits, and compliance solution for remote teams. Pilot is poised to provide you with the support and guidance required for a streamlined global payroll and be your trusted advisor as our partnership evolves.

Here we'll cover the essentials of what you need to know to begin exploring Pilot:


We’re here to help! You can find more of our guides here, reach out to us at support@pilot.co, or use the live chat option at manage.pilot.co.

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