Administrators and managers can see details about the payment status of contractor expense reports in the Approved tab of the Expenses page.

If the contractor is associated with a pay schedule, the payroll run that will process the reimbursement will be displayed.

Admins can also see when reimbursements can be processed using one-time payments. If the payment has already been initiated, a status of Scheduled, Processing, Paid, or Failed will be displayed.

Every expense row in the Approved tab can be expanded to show details of the expense, including the approver and approval date. The pay date is provided along with payroll run details when applicable.

If an expense has been approved but not paid, an alert will show for that expense, as a prompt for you to schedule a payment for it.

In the event of a payment failure, Pilot admins will see an alert on the Overview page and be presented with choices to resolve the issue. This involves one of the following:

  • Marking the expense as paid because another payment was already made for it

  • Adding it to the next upcoming payroll run (if the affected user is assigned to a pay schedule)

  • Paying the user with a one-time payment using the Pay Contractors page.

For more information on how to review expense reports, please see this guide.

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