How do I edit the contractor agreement that Pilot provides?

An existing contract that has been signed cannot be edited. However, you can create a new agreement. Please review this article on how to create a new contract.

Where can I add equity information to the contractor's agreement that Pilot provides?

If you use a Pilot generated contract, you can add information about equity under the 'Special clause' section.

How do I edit compensation for contractors?

Check out this article to learn how to edit the compensation for contractors and edit their contracts to reflect the new compensation.

Why does the compensation amount not show up in the contract?

If you set the wage type as 'Fixed,' the compensation details will be excluded from the contract. We recommend using another wage type.

How do I upload a document and link it to a contractor?

  1. Go to the People tab.

  2. Select the contractor's name.

  3. In the 'Documents' section, click 'Add a document' or 'See all documents.'

  4. Click on 'Upload first document' if there is no document attached to the contractor, or click 'Upload new document' on the upper right side.

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