If you’re unsure about an employee’s right to work, please ask the employee if they have either citizenship, Permanent Residency, or a work permit/Visa in the country where we’re hiring them.

Non-nationals will need to complete a right-to-work check. If the employee does not have the right to work, we will complete the right-to-work and eligibility checks before looking into visa sponsorship. As part of the onboarding process, we will ask employees to verify their nationality and right-to-work status.

💬 We are constantly expanding the countries where we can provide visa support. Please contact hire@pilot.co if you have questions about visa support in a particular country. Currently, visa support is unavailable in Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands (other than blue cards).

Types of checks

  1. A right-to-work check is required for non-nationals who hold a residency permit/work permit/visa before starting with Pilot. We must ensure the employee has no limitations associated with their current permit. If the employee visa has limitations, we will have to proceed to visa sponsorship.

    • Process: ****Pilot requests proof of right-to-work documentation from admin and employee as applicable and sends the proof to our visa partners for review. Once the company approves the fee and all required documents have been received, our immigration partners can start the right-to-work process.

    • Timeline: ****It can take 1 to 2 weeks for our Immigration Partners to conduct the right-to-work check.

  2. An eligibility check confirms whether an employee is eligible for visa sponsorship in a country, and it requires several documents and details. Required documents may vary from country to country. The eligibility check will also analyze how likely the success of the visa will be.

    • Process: Pilot requests all required documentation and sends it to our Immigration Partners for review. Once the company approves the fee and all required documents have been received. Our Immigration partners can start the eligibility check.

    • Timeline: It can take 2 to 3 weeks for our Immigration partners to conduct the eligibility check.

☑️ Required info and documents for eligibility check

  • Job title and salary per annum

  • Detailed job description

  • Highest level of education, name, and type of the degree

  • Copy of CV/resume

  • Copy of passport

Visa sponsorship 🎫

  • If the visa partners determine that the employee requires visa sponsorship, Pilot will gather the relevant documentation from the employee and share them with the visa partners.

  • A member of the visa team will connect with the employee to start the visa application and gather additional information (if applicable).

  • Once the employee is granted the right to work, we will be able to hire and pay them in the local country legally.

  • Employees will need to provide an address in the country of sponsorship as well as their social security number, tax identification number, etc., to be fully onboarded.

  • Timeline: Varies from country to country but generally is approximately 3-months or more upon submission of the visa application to the local authority.

Costs 💲

Right-to-work check: 500 USD

Eligibility check: 1,000 USD

Visa sponsorship: 6,500 USD

Dependent sponsorship: 2,500 USD per dependent

Visa renewal fee: 2,500 USD

Additional fees: Some countries charge additional fees during the visa sponsorship process

ℹ️ Important notes:

  • Right-to-work check & eligibility check costs will be deducted from the visa sponsorship fees

  • Fees are non-refundable

  • All fees are passthrough costs from our visa partners


The employee says they have the right to work. Can I hire them?
If the employee is a non-national, we will need to conduct a right-to-work check to verify their right to work.

Can Pilot guarantee the employee’s start date?
We cannot guarantee an employee’s start date because it will depend on when their permit/visa is issued. Additionally, the employee will be required to sign their employment contract and submit all of their onboarding documents prior to the start date. We can move the start day as required.

Can Pilot guarantee the visa application will be successful?
Pilot cannot guarantee a permit/visa application will be successful. Application success is at all times dependent on the employee's ability to provide the correct documents and the decision of the local immigration authorities.

The process is taking longer than expected. Why is that?
Visa process timelines are guidelines. Delays can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Missing documentation

  • Delays with the local authorities

Can I hire the employee as a contractor while we wait for their permit/visa to come through?
We do not recommend hiring the employee as a contractor in the interim. An employee should always have the right to work in a country in order to be employed/contracted there. Additionally, contractors are responsible for their own taxes, and should the immigration authorities become aware the employee is working without the correct permit, it may negatively impact their application for the permit/visa

Why can you sponsor visas in some countries but not others?
In order to sponsor visas as an employer, we are required to be registered and have licenses to apply for permits/visas on behalf of employees. We use a visa partner to support these applications, and they hold the licenses. They are currently expanding the countries in which we can sponsor visas, but they assess each country based on the demand.

What do the fees cover?
The fees go towards a number of areas associated with sponsorship. These include:

  • Maintaining the license to sponsor

  • Immigration legal fees

  • Application fees

  • Fee for our immigration visa partner

Can you support permits/visas for contractors?

Permit/visa sponsorship is currently only available to full-time employees.

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